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The History of Craps

craps is one of the oldest games in the casino and in fact the oldest game in the world concerning dice. Its History dates back several thousand years to the dawn of human history, when the first human beings began throwing things at each other.

The form of craps that we know today dates back from the middle ages when the game was called hazard and was played in most of France and some of Brittan. The game gained in popularity and soon spread throughput the mainland and was soon played in Asia Minor.

In the 17 hundreds, The game crossed the Atlantic and soon become popular with the French colonies in Canada. When these moved down to Louisianan they brought the game with them. It was the called Krebs, but the name gradually changed to what we know to day as “Craps”

The two forms of craps that we know today are “Street Craps” and “Bank Craps”. Street Craps is the informal version of the game that can be played anywhere and at any time. It is a game kind of like marbles. The other form of Craps is the more elegant “Bank craps” that is played in the casinos. This game uses special dice and a special table that are specially suited top the game of craps. The bets in this game can be as large or as small as the casino decides, but is usually a game for the high rollers such as you see in the movies.